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Change in today’s world is increasingly dynamic, fast-moving and complex. We’ve all witnessed rapid advances in technology, society and to our planet. What does this evolution mean for businesses, government, communities and individuals? How can organizations help people – naturally programmed to resist change – to embrace and adopt constant transformation?


Organizational Change Management (OCM) is a professional discipline and science that provides a structured and holistic approach to orchestrating change.


Clarity, alignment, impact.

Organizations need to create clarity around vision, goals, plans in order to align all stakeholders – from executives to front line employees. With clarity and alignment in place, a company is then able to amplify its impact.

Leading change is not easy.

Do confusion, limited buy-in, and having to redo work sound familiar? As humans, we are programmed to struggle with change. Learn techniques and behaviors that enable you to rethink, reframe and reimagine.

We put people first.

Organizational change starts with the individual. At Mind Moves, we use a human-centered approach to make sense of people’s needs – what truly moves, motivates and inspires each individual.

Whatever the change, we can help.

Change comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Large and complex organizations typically seek changes in the areas of culture, system, organization, process and/or policy. Whatever the change, we build and implement solutions that propel you forward.


We help organizations to transform and sustain through waves of change.

Change Management

Realizing strategic benefits means people changing how they work.

Operational Improvement

Reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiencies across your value chain.

Sustainability / CSR

Triple bottom line of people, planet and profits matter to our future.


Our Clients

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Our Vision

Let us help you!

Nicole Sroka is a senior professional with a strong track record of initiating and orchestrating large-scale change in complex organizations. A cross-functional communicator effective at relationship building from executive to front-line level, she is passionate about stakeholder management, sustainable business models, and bridging the gap between strategy and implementation. Her specialty is in knowing how to build and implement solutions for products, processes, people and the planet.


From startups to large corporations, here is what people say about us.

Nicole Sroka is an extraordinary consultant and dynamic strategist. Nicole had excellent rational capacities which helped us forecast cost, make intelligent choices, and feel confident in what we could accomplish. She organized others with tremendous energy, effectiveness and good humor.
Lucas Lillian Plumb
Santa Rosa, CA
Augmenting strategy with experience, she outlined a clear plan for improving marketing, sales, and ongoing performance measurement. Above all, Nicole listened carefully and performed the necessary market research to ensure her proposed ideas were credible.
Monique Napier
Founder and Owner of Aotearoa Café
Baños de Agua Santa, ECUADOR
Thank you for conducting the Change Management workshop with our Professional Services team. We all learned something new and valuable when it comes to communicating change with our customers and prospects.
Joey Wood
PeopleNet, Project Engineer
Minnetonka, MN
Mind Moves’ comprehensive financial and market analysis shone light on glaring opportunity areas to increase operational efficiency and profits. We developed a solid go-forward strategy based on key findings.
Stephen Sroka
Founder and President, AKORS
Baltimore, MD
Nicole has been a significant asset in getting our communications up and running, helping us stay on top of decision-making and ramping up SME engagement.
Stephen Wendell
Director of IT, Backroads
Berkeley, CA
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you taught us.
Riley Pearce
Enterprise Transition Manager, Backroads
Berkeley, CA


San Francisco, CA

1735 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco CA, 94109

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Phone:  443 632 5131